by For You.Earth

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"1572" is a song that is dedicated to religious massacre on the night of the 24th of August 1572 in Paris.

Victor Murzaev - vocal
Andrey Prokofiev - guitars, backing vocals
Sasha Marchenko - bass, backing vocals
Alexis Shapkin - drums, backing vocals

Recorded by Kirill Dudkin at Correct Sound (N.Novgorod, Russia).
Mixed & mastered by Igor Ovcharenko.

Artwork by Andrey Prokofiev.


released March 22, 2017



all rights reserved


For You.Earth Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

We are from N.Novgorod, Russia. Played some kind of hardcore/metal, 2006-2014.

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Track Name: 1572
Они все здесь.
О, преданные псы
Факел и крест
Укажут верный путь
В ночи,
В кромешной темноте,
Где даже Господь-Бог
Не смог узнать своих

В эту темную ночь,
В эту темную ночь,
В эту темную ночь,
Варфоломееву ночь.

Они все здесь,
Их кровь на мостовых -
Так Бог благословил гиен,
Шестую заповедь забыв.
На остриях ножей
Прощение несут.
Под колокольный звон
Здесь без суда вершится суд.

Теперь всему и каждому свой черёд,
И стало слишком поздно - Когда
На спящий город пала ночь,
Поднялся серп Луны и звёзды.

Ад пуст, все бесы здесь.

They're all here.
Oh, faithful dogs
The torch and the cross
Will show the right way
In the night,
In the pitch dark
Where even the Lord God
Couldn't recognize
Friend from foe

At this dark night
This dark night
This dark night
St. Bartholomew’s night.

They're all here,
Their blood is on pavement
That's how the God blessed hyenas
And forgot the Sixth Commandment.
They bring forgiveness
On the edges of the knives
To the peal of bells
They're holding a court without court.

Now it's the turn of everyone and everything
But it was too late
When the night fell on the sleeping town
The crescent moon and stars rised up.

The hell is empty and all the devils are here.